Here are my results calculated from June 2009 to now. Courtesy of







Trading has more or less been non-existent for me in the month of June. My lack of activity will likely remain for July, August & September as I'll be transitioning into a new job.



I reduced my trading size this month to $1 per pip so at least my losing month doesn't hurt in terms of % lost.

Early April Wrap Up


My trading quickly spiraled out of control over this past week. I started taking too many trades & quickly put myself in the all too familiar position that I'm in now. When I get back to trading in May I will be back on track trading the only way I know how to do so profitably.


From a pips gained standpoint I'm positive overall & as long as I stop taking too many trades I will continue to be positive. However I'm negative from a dollar perspective because I increased my position size each month that I was pip positive. My losing month in $ is much larger than my winning month in $ even though I lost less in pips.

See ya at the end of May.

March Wrap Up


March ended as my 4th month in a row positive and I'm not satisfied with my performance. I'll take it though considering how long & hard I've worked for consistently profitable results. In general I think 200 pips per month is attainable but as always its one day at a time until I get there.


See you at the end of April.



I didn't trade half of the time I wanted to and I started off the month in the hole. As of this morning I was down 7 pips and I woke up late with only an hour left of my normal trading session. I didn't think I was gonna do it but somehow I managed to open my charts and pull off a profitable sequence leaving me up .10 pips for the month of February. A tenth of a pip! I'm being melodramatic on purpose.

I managed to accomplish something that I haven't accomplished in a long time: 3 months in a row positive. Now this month if I can end up positive I will have accomplished something I've never accomplished: 4 months in a row positive. I'm also still shooting for at least 100 pips this month.

We'll see how it goes and as usual I'll update again at the end of March.

2 Months in a row


In December I booked 21.8 pips and in January I booked 50.4 pips. This is the first time since Aug/Sept of 2010 that I booked positive results in two consecutive months.

My goal for February is to book 100 pips.

This month I think is critical for me to prove to myself that my winning ways are sustainable. I'll be back at the end of February to let you know how I did.