+ $43.99


I only took one trade because it happened to be there during the short time that I was able to trade today.

No Trades


I didn't trade my full time slot but while I was trading I didn't make any trades.

+ $54.99


My triumphant (sarcasm) return to trading! But in all seriousness I'm back to the daily grind and enjoying it. WORD.

- $87.74


The only thing I'm good at right now it seems is reducing my trade size as I continue to lose money. I pretty much feel lost as a trader and will reduce my size again tomorrow. Obviously there are key concepts that I haven't learned. Perhaps I'm aware of all the key concepts but don't know how to put them together in a consistently profitable fashion. Regardless, I know there are people whom win at this game consistently and I'm determined to eventually be one of them.

- 6.7 pips = - $201


A tough day for me to find entries and when I did I got stuck with price going no where and eventually my stop was hit.