- $4.34


Today I traded from the 1 min chart and the 5 sec chart. 50 cents per pip. Monday will be 10 cents per pip.

- $106.80


It's very evident that I don't know how to be a profitable trader. I'm very lost. I have lots of trading concepts in my head but how am I to tie them together into profitable results?

I can play the high % win game but my losses are too big. I can play the low % win game but I take too many entries to find the runner. I've beaten myself up in the market now to where I'm going to have to trade small to tiny size again until I figure something out and as of now there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

What needs to click in my head!?

- $34.00


My level of trading frustration is at an all time high. I need to think very deeply about what is holding me back from consistent profitability. I'm constantly seesawing between BE and Loss over and over and over and over and over again.

- $457.40


For those following my blog in the USA have a nice 4th of July weekend! For those following my blog outside of the USA have a great weekend as well =)