June 2009 Results

A total of 11 trades.

1. +8 Pips
2. -4 Pips
3. +16 Pips
4. +0 Pips
5. +6 Pips
6. +11 Pips
7. -40 Pips
8.+11 Pips
9. -20 Pips
10.+30 Pips
11. -25 Pips

6 Winners - 1 BE - 4 Loss

+82 Pips Winners / -89 Pips Losers

Performance was horrendous this month on many levels. First of all I didn't trade enough days of the month do to bullshit laziness. Then in terms of my actual trades I left allot to be desired regarding my patience.


-25 Pips Long on 30K

-25 Pips Long on 30K at 1.6605.


1.6386 - 1.6400

I didn't take the only trade I saw. Entry would have been anywhere from 1.6386 all the way up to 1.6400 as a Long GBPUSD.


Trading Psychology

I didn't trade again today. So it's officially an emergency. Yesterday I was lazy. Today I allowed some negative material I read on the internet to get me down and take me out of my trading mindset.

The material I read on the internet yesterday was posted by a person under the guise of being "helpful" or that they were "telling it like it is". I'm sure the post was helpful for someone and whatever. Not for me though.

I know I can pull positive pips from this market. In fact I've been doing so for about a year now. I'll be positive at the end of every week. If not, then I'll be extremely close to it.

Whats really irritating is when a person speaks their limitations as if it is THE limitation of whats possible. I'm disappointed that I allowed that negative crap to seep into my mind for a day.

Didn't Trade Today

Not much to say because I didn't trade today. I should have traded, but I didn't.

The Next Level

Today I had 1 trade Short at 1.6499 for +11 pips on 30K.

I've been trading long enough to know the way I've been trading lately isn't gonna cut it. I've only been blogging for a week but its plain to see I go Long/Short when price is making new High/Low. The main issue I'm having is I'm not giving my trades time to work in my favor.

Today's trade I executed well enough. Price wasn't able to make a new low after the initial push down so I exited the trade. However there were 2 more entries I should have taken as price continued to make is way downward that I didn't take because I fell asleep. Those were 2 opportunities that I could have used to continue my development as a trader and put into practice trade management lessons learned!!

I'm motivated to do better next week.


- 40 pips on 40K

I got some slippage on my entry. -40 pips on 40K Short. This trade messed with my perception the remainder of the day. If my perception weren't affected I would have seen clear entries Long at 1.6405 & 1.6453.



I simply didn't find a trade that I felt good enough to take today. I almost took a Short entry at 1.6380 a little before 2:30AM which would have been at least BE. However, almost, doesn't do anything. I fell asleep at 3:30AM.

If awake, I would have likely placed at short entry at 1.6430 at 4:36AM. I can tell from the price action I would have likely gotten out for BE or a small gain as price moved up to my entry point before continuing downward.


+11 Pips

The chart says 1.6050 but my exact entry was to go long was at 1.6051. I made +11 pips on 20K on the only trade I took today.


1 Trade

I went Short at 1.5850 and I got out for +6 pips on 10K.


Lost My Wallet

I was patient and stayed out of trouble before the news announcement that was being released at 1:30AM PST. When it became evident I wasn't going take a trade before the news release I thought it would be a good opportunity to lay down for a few minutes. Unfortunately, I instantly fell asleep and "lost my wallet" aka missed my entry to go Long at 1.6060. I also missed subsequent scale in positions I would have put on as the market continued to move in my favor.

Note to self: When already tired, don't lay down because you'll fall asleep and lose your wallet.


4 Trades

Each white line marks where I entered today's trades. From left to right:

BE on 5K Long

+16 on 5K Long

-4 on 5K Short

+8 on 10K Short

The huge red candle in the middle of the chart is why I always have a stop order placed moments after I put on a trade. I walked away from my charts for a couple minutes and when I returned price had moved down by over 200 pips. A 200 pip movement in the span of a few minutes on a 1 minute chart is an impressive move.