- 11 pips = - $7.70


The second and third trades demonstrate some very impatient and undisciplined trading. Done for the day. Will trade with proper mindset tomorrow.

+ 5 pips = + $2.73


It feels good knowing that my max loss on any given day at this point will only be around 16 pips. I created a rule a week and a half ago or so that if my first trade is a loss then I have to wait for "pocket aces" before I take another trade. Then if my "pocket aces" trade is a loser then I'm done for the day.

+ .9 pip = + 44 cents


I'm definitely being more deliberate in my approach as of late but its yet to translate into the type of results I'm working to achieve. Regardless, being deliberate in my approach dramatically reduces the probability of having any huge losses in only single trading session.

Every trader has their own unique story. No sense in telling mine though until I begin making consistent & significant money over a meaningful duration of time. Have a great weekend. WORD.

- .4 pip = - 20 cents


I was unable to find a confident entry today but I was able to stay out of trouble. I believe that if today's price action happened 2 weeks ago I would have lost more than I did today.