+ $43.47


Have a nice extended weekend for those in the US. WORD.

+ $17.09


Frankly I'm surprised that I'm up $17. I didn't look at my p&l at any point until I was finished trading for the day. My trade size changed between $1 or $3 per pip. I had to leave for work earlier than usual so my trading day ended early as well. See ya tomorrow. WORD.

or something like that


I made cents or a dollar or something like that... by the time I woke up and the trading screen going the major moves were complete and I was left with scraps. I reduced my trade size to 50 cents per pip. Gotta stop doin' the BS that leads me to having trouble waking up early. WORD.

Have a nice weekend ya'll.

+ $13.69


I didn't feel particularly confident about any trade today so I continued to keep my trade size small.

+ $7.79


Another day of hardly any trading. Gotta start forcing myself to get up early again so that my body can adjust to the sleep cycle.

+ $120


Off to the day job. Here is how the day went for me.

- $56.00


I'm fairly disappointed that I allowed myself to get shaken out of my last trade of the day too early. I made numerous other mistakes today but I don't have time to go through them because I'm off to my day job. WORD =)