+/- 0


First trade was a marginal short at best. Second trade was good. Third trade would have been good but I failed to hold to the round number target.



My conscious intention has been to trade every day but I've been having trouble following through with my actions. Today I was so tired I turned off my alarm without ever remembering that I woke up and turned it off. For me the solution to this is actually really simple. Stop eating within 5 hours of going to sleep. Going to sleep on an empty stomach always allows me to sleep better and wake up refreshed. Anyway only one more day this week to prove and I can do it! I will trade tomorrow.

+ 2.99 pips = + $89.99


I need to contact Oanda. I must not have the correct version of Java installed even though I have the most recent version of Java installed. My platform appears to be working and lets me enter a trade but doesn't let me know that I can't exit my trade until I attempt to close the trade. Frustrating. Lucky for me I have my Oanda mobile app running to cancel trades in instances like this.

Oanda's platform used to give me no problems and now with the most recent version of Java installed it stops working for me multiple times per session without fail. Annoying.

- 7.7 pips = - $231.01


The last trade was marginal but I thought the first two were reasonable.

Tough Week


I had every intention of trading everyday this week but sometimes life gets in the way. Oh well. So this is finally the end of the week. I will trade everyday next week.