+ 4.69 pips = + $140.97


After two losing days in a row where I demonstrated really impulsive trading and overall poor decision making I needed couple days off to regain my mental stability. I still have a glaring weakness of not holding onto my trades long enough. But I can slowly feel my comfort level increasing as I'm trading at $30 per pip. As my comfort level with this trade size increases I'll be better able to hold onto my trades the little bit longer that's needed to much improve my overall profitability.

- 8.4 pips = - $252.03


I'm going to write off today and move on. I made poor impatient decision after poor impatient decision. I know what the underlying psychological problem is because I've been in this situation many times before. This type of trading isn't going to happen again next week.

Have a great weekend ya'll.

- 3.9 pips = - $117.03


Too many trades I think. I really liked my last trade but I didn't take profit when I had the chance.

+ 1.69 pips = + $50.98


I missed a good entry towards the end of the day because I hesitant due to wanting to make sure my day ended positive. This is my first day trading $30 per pip in years but the difference in how I trade between now and back then is vast; I've learned allot.

+ 2.7 pips = + $40.50


I love Oanda. The platform crashed on my computer but I was able to quickly log into the Oanda's mobile app on my phone and close the trade. I never knew until today that I could simultaneously be logged into my trading account on both my phone and my computer. Its definitely an awesome feature in terms of back up connectivity for when my computer or the platform freezes.

- 3 pips = - $45.00


I should have walked away because I made impatient trades after not finding good entries.

+ 2.3 pips = + $34.50


I felt very rusty today but I was able to stay out of trouble.

+/- 0


First day back. Two trades I canceled before they triggered and went in my favor.

small update


With my schedule this week I've found it difficult to trade. I will likely find it difficult to trade tomorrow or Friday as well. However, if I can do so I will. Normal trading will resume next week.