Dec 09' = +91 pips = +91 cents

Out of the 13 days I traded this month 11 were positive and 2 were negative. Plus 91 pips on the month. I'll slowly begin to increase my trade size next month.

+3 pips = +3 cents


3 Trades


+23 pips = +23 cents


2 Trades

2W - 0L

A minute or so after I put on my first trade I got a very strong sense that I was on the wrong side of the market. I knew if my first trade was a loss I would begin looking for short entries for the remainder of the morning. Luckily my first trade was able to get back to black. I then reversed course and caught the move down.

Total Crap


3 Trades

3W - 0L

+26 Pips

Today's positive results will not be counted in my monthly total. I wouldn't have traded this way if I was trading $10 or $5 per pip so it's pointless to trade this way at 1 cent per pip while I'm training myself.

First trade - didn't hold onto it as I must.

Second & Third trades - Moved my initial stop loss back on both of them to where the red line is at on the 5 minute chart. Going in the red double my eventual profit is a guaranteed disaster <-- I know this. I'm putting this day behind me and will be back to good trading on Monday.

+6 pips = +6 cents


1 Trade

1W - 0L

I didn't trade for very long today. My target on this trade was 1.4560 so I'm disappointed/annoyed that I allowed my fear impulse to cut my profits short on this trade.

-8 pips = -8 cents


2 Trades

0W - 2L

I was distracted all morning. I'm actually happy I'm only down 8 pips on a morning that lent itself to being much worse.

Back at it Tomorrow


Other priorities took precedence over trading this morning. Will be back at it tomorrow.

November = -135 pips = -135 cents

Lots of time and effort went into these negative 135 pips for the month of November.

Here's to a positive pipped December fo-sho!

+13 pips = +13 cents


5 Trades

5W - 0L

I noticed on Forex Intra-day Trading's blog and on 4XTDR's blog they've been using Bollinger Bands. I've been looking for something to keep me out of lame trades. Dunno, we'll see how I do with The Bands over time.

Random Shout outs go to Move The Markets - & - FX Madness. They consistently put up great content and have done so for a long period of time. If for some strange reason you've found my blog before running across either of these blog's then check them out fo-sho. Word.

0 pips = 0 cents


3 Trades

3 Break-even

The past two days I've only traded for an hour or so. Shortened week next week because of the holiday so I've got to get back to putting in more time.

+10 pips = +10 cents


1 Trade

1W - 0L

This is how my charts usually look while I'm trading.

+15 pips = +15 cents


10W - 7L

Feeling lucky. Don't like it. I'd rather feel like I've got a hold on a method. I like short-term trading.

-8 pips = -8 cents


16W -14L

Feeling lost because my results are all over the place. Looking for a method that works and fits my personality. Something I can do day in and day out.

-43 pips = -43 cents


17W - 15L

In congestion fade the extremes.

Don't be concerned about missing out on a trade because another one will soon present itself.

+9 pips = +9 cents


3 Trades

2 W - 1 L

Made only a few trades today because I'm away from home for today and didn't give my trading complete attention.

-31 pips = -31 cents


32 Trades

19 W - 13 L

Don't know if I'll be able to make any trades tomorrow because I'll be away from home again. We'll see. Back on Monday though fosho!

-17 pips = -17 cents


79 Trades

44 W - 35 L

Started off really bad. At one point I was down 76 pips on the day. That's the most I've been down in a given session since I began this blog. However, I was able to rebound 59 pips to end the day only down a total of 17 pips.

+30 pips = +30 cents


56 Trades

31 W - 25 L

Started sloppy but was able to regroup and end the day strong. I tightened my entries & stops. Also I was able to efficiently trail my stop to catch some good moves.

I was only able to save half of my charts because of technical issues part way through my trading day and I restarted my computer.

+15 pips = +15 cents


44 Trades

31 Wins - 13 Losses

A few costly mistakes but was able to come out on top.

Back Tomorrow


Travel delay didn't enable me the opportunity to trade today. Back tomorrow!

+7 pips = +7 cents


11 Trades

9 Wins - 2 Losses

My brother is getting married this weekend and I've got things I've gotta do. So my next trading day will be Wednesday the 28th.

I can already spot an error I'm making (again) by cutting my profits too quickly. Looking forward to trading on Wednesday and correcting this mistake!

+6 pips = +6 cents


3 Trades

3 Winners - 0 Losers

Wasn't able to trade for most of the session because I had to go run an errand.

+14 pips = +14 cents


9 Trades

8 Wins - 1 Loss

My final trade of the day was for +1pip/+1cent and isn't on the charts below. I didn't feel like re-saving my charts to show only 1 additional trade.

-70 pips = -70 cents


10 Trades - 1 Win - 9 Losses

Short day because I'm traveling home for my bro's wedding. Worst day I've experienced yet in terms of win/loss % and pips since I began this blog. Awesomeness!