Thursday 8/27/09 $1.99

Two wins. $1.99

I'm fully aware that my wins lately have been so small that one medium size loss wipes out my profits. My ability to pull the trigger and execute the trades I see has been a problem for me the past couple months. Right now I'm happy that I'm taking trades. One step at a time.

I'm going to be busy with family and then traveling back home over the next 4 days. I'll be back to trading on Tuesday.

Wednesday 8/26/09

I'm finding it difficult to trade away from home. I'll be trading tomorrow. Then as of Tuesday next week I'll be back to the daily trading routine without the added issue of being away from home.

Monday 8/24/09 (1.19)

I'm away from home and it's going to be difficult for me to trade this week. I may only be able to legitimately trade without distraction on Wednesday & Thursday. We'll see.

Today I had one trade for a loss.

Thursday 8/20/09 3.04

Today was a decent day. 2 trades both winners. Both trades were seeing if we were gonna get pushes to new highs/lows. Neither trade popped very far in my favor and my instinct was to take profit quickly. On a different day with slightly different price action leading up to my trades I would have been more patient. Tomorrow its 50/50 whether or not I'll be able to place any trades because I'll be traveling during the session but I may be able to do something during London hours. We'll see.

Wednesday 8/19/09 (4.05)

Today was 100% better than yesterday because I actually took a trade. However I took a market order trade. It was an impulse trade and it didn't meet any of the requirements I look for in a trade what-so-ever. The reason I took a trade on impulse is because I'm having a difficult time not letting the results of specific trades affect my mindset. Therefore I started today's session with the improper mindset that I'm going to take a lot of trades no matter what. What I need to do is take allot of trades.... but have them be trades that meet my requirements. 95% of the time that means I'm executing limit orders and not impulse market orders.

Friday 8/7/09

Today I didn't trade because I have to leave early to take care of non-trading related crizzap.

Wednesday 8/5/09

Believe it or not I've come a long way in my trading. From losing money hand over fist to where I'm at today; Not really losing money.... but not really making money either. I'm looking to turn the corner and never look back. It's been a long time coming with allot of ups and downs. Unfortunately, mostly downs until now. I feel and think I'm really close to taking the final steps that will enable me to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

0 Trades for $0.00