Equity Curve

Thanks to Trader32 for pointing out myfxbook. Here's my equity curve since I joined Oanda.



Today's result: -$15.90 : (15.9 pips)

My posting may become nearly non-existent for the upcoming months as I'm going to seek assistance in becoming a better trader. I've definitely hit a plateau in my progression and I've been trading longer than my blog indicates. Seeking help is a risk of my money and time. Seeking help also is the most prudent thing I can do as I've truly tried to help myself for a long time to no avail.

- $57.01 : (5.7 pips)


Market was going down and I was selling and I still lost. Go figure =)

- $15.39 : (30.78) pips


 Bad trading. Then more bad trading. Here are most of my losing trades.

+ $5.90 : 11.8 pips


Traded the European session today as I will be at the airport to catch a flight during my usual trading time. Hope ya'll have a nice weekend.

Broken Computer


This weekend my computer stopped working. I'm hoping that it'll be fixed by tonight so I can continue trading tomorrow. In the meantime here is a couple I follow on the internet and I find them hilarious. WORD.

- $5.95 : (11.9 pips)


While trading today I could feel that I was going to lose because the rhythm of the market and my trades didn't quite feel right. What would have been great is if I simply didn't trade today.

Reality Hits You Hard Bro

9.23.11 continued..

Friday fun. Check out this video. This guy was in a car accident in Phoenix AZ this week and describes the event with allot of energy. I think its hilarious that his hat fly's off and he doesn't even notice. Silliness aside - his message rings true: "Reality hits you hard bro."

+ $2.80 : 5.6 pips


+ $8.30 : 16.6 pips


I used HLC bars today. The thought behind using them is I'd find them more straight forward than candlestick charts. When using candlestick charts I'm paying attention to the HL but I'm also looking at the up and down of the open and close. I find it easy to not pay attention to the close on a HLC bar so now I'm looking only at the HL. Just an idea I got from Richard's post yesterday. Perhaps looking at less information will allow me to see trades in a more simple context thereby reducing my tentativeness and improve my execution? I think tomorrow I will try removing the bollinger bands from my chart as well.

+ $2.50 : 5 pips


Day 2 of 1-click market orders.

The candle colors on my chart are Baltimore Ravens inspired. I live in CA but I'm from MD. Enjoy your weekend!

+ $59.30 : 19.7 pips

9.9.11 cont.

I took this final trade of the day the same reason I took the previous 5 losers in a row - because it looked decent to me. It seems though it could have easily been my 6th loser in a row but instead it was a winner that wiped out all my losers.

Ok. So now all I have to do is be more selective with my trades to reduce the number of losers! Well, my experience with that idea so far has not lead me any where positive. I start second guessing, waiting for too much confirmation & missing moves entirely.

I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually but damn can this sh*t be frustrating in the mean time =)

Here is some happy going into your weekend - 

- $46.19 : (15.3 pips)


5 losing trades in a row. Analogy: in the middle of the ocean on a raft and I cannot see the stars but perhaps one day I will find a habitable land mass. WORD. Have a good weekend people.

+ $10.50 : 3.5 pips


I let yesterdays market rhythm become today's rhythm in my mind. I was tentative with both of my trades and both ran in my direction after I took profit ridiculously early. Done after two bad trades in a row and will be back on Tuesday with a better frame of mind.

- $89.89 : - 30 pips


Bad trading then a little more bad trading sprinkled on top.