+5 pips = +$5.00


Until the turn of the year I don't have a strong emphasis on trading everyday. I'm sure I'll trade a handful of times over the next couple weeks though.

- 30.21 pips = - $30.21


Maybe one day I'll figure out how to trade consistently profitably. Right now my best seem to be break-even & my worst is losing money as I reduce size make sure the loss is small.

+ 1 pip = + $4.78


On the last trade I closed it early in undisciplined fashion.

+ 3.49 pips = + $13.98


Today and this week have been full of distractions and lapses in focus. The domino effect has negatively affected my trading. By not getting to bed on time because of distractions I'm less able to perform optimally by the time I'm able to get up the next day. Next week this will improve.

+ 4.78 pips = + $19.78


First trade my target was 1.3125 and I got stopped out where the red dot is at.

Second trade my stop was directly above the yellow resistance line where I placed a thick red line for demonstration. The min/max chart shows my stop missed being hit by only .00003. The target was 1.3050. I didn't hold completely to my target but it came to within a pip or so of it so I'm comfortable with my decision to take profit at that point.

+ 8.39 pips = + $33.58


First trade stopped out at slightly more than BE & I didn't hold my second trade to the round number target.

Lost Money


I'm in a time crunch to get to work more than usual so I don't have time to see how much I lost or post charts. The amount is nothing major though. However what is major is how lost I feel I am as a trader. Don't know at this time how to fix it. I'll just keep reducing size to slow the drain from my account. 50 cents per pip here I come again! (F'in BS)

- 9.7 pips = - $38.80


Another annoying day. I can't honestly say I gave trading 100% today though I shouldn't have even taken the last trade.

+ 17 pips = + $17.29


It's unfortunate that currently the amount of pip's I earn in a day are inversely related to the size I have on a trade. Obvious psychological affect of larger trade size?

+ .2 pips = + 40 cents


My break-even trading is incredibly frustrating. Any consistent positive results that I could depend on would change my life. Break-even trading week after week after month after month.... frustrating. I've got to figure out whats keeping me from putting it all together.

+ 5 pips = $43.59


This is an embarrassing day. The first trade I trailed the 2nd half of my position too close. The remaining trades turned out to essentially be scalps. If I had stuck to my plan then my first trade would have made the day.

+ 15 pips = + $35.69


Just another day of proving to myself that success will be had in trading when I completely stop forcing trades and only trade when the market comes to me.

- $14.92


If I wasn't dealing with unexpected distractions in my apartment today then I very likely wouldn't have missed the obvious opportunity like I did. Annoyed. But I'll do better tomorrow w/ no distractions.

+ 2.5 pips = + $31.65


Variable Position Sizing is what I did today depending on how far my stop had to be place away from entry I adjusted my size. Min position size was at 25 cents per pip max size today was at $5 per pip. In general my max position size is $10 per pip and my min position size is 25 cents per pip.

Variable position sizing can create some weird stats. It's possible to be negative total pips with a positive bottom line. Today my 2.5 pips for plus $31.65 suggests I was trading $12.66 per pip.

If I exit 2 places from initial entry then I'll take the average pips earned for that trade as the pip count.

The dollar figure I earn or lose in a day is straight forward and is the only number that really matters.

-10.7 pips = - $107


I need a break. If my results don't show it enough already then today was the nail in the coffin. The first two trades were at $1 per pip so the loss was equivalent to a normal $10 per pip trade. The third trade was my normal size. I won't be trading again until next Tuesday. I'm mentally tired of losing which is further pushing me to do things I normally wouldnt do.

I love having losing months.

October: -27.9 pips

-12.7 pips = - $127.03


Another handful/few days like this and I'll once again be reducing my trade size. I'm obviously moving my stop to BE too early on many trades.

- 11.9 pips = - $119


Something once again needs to click in my brain. When I'm struggling to find entries that make sense to me I need to figure out a way not to force trades and be OK with it. One of the more frustrating things that happens multiple times during a trading session is seeing price take off in a direction I didn't even anticipate. At least if I can anticipate it then I'll have a chance of catching a trade.

+ 7.3 pips = $73.00


One trade in the evening to help me shake off this mornings horrid performance.

- 15.5 pips = - $155.02


Massively out of sync with the market today. Horrible trading.... yes, it could be worse. But when the goal is consistent improvement it doesn't get much worse than today IMO.

- 4.9 pips = - $49.20


I couldn't get any quick price extension from my entries. Break-even stop outs all day long. yay!! =)

+ 4.9 pips = +$49.96


Two undisciplined trades (circled in red) made the difference between a +15 pip session and a +4.9 pip session.

+ 5.5 pips = +$55.00


Opened up my trading platform after work to see a low spread on Oanda so I decided to take a trade. Perhaps this can become more of a routine?

- 3.4 pips = - $34.02


I look forward to the day that trading is much less of a struggle.

+ 16.1 pips = $161.00


When I trade and I know that I won't be taking a signal over the next X number bars I will often web surf to fill the time. I've always figured it didn't really have a big affect on the signals that I take because there is a certain amount of "a signal is a signal" .... the signal to enter will be there or it won't and between the signals is only noise so I can surf the internet in between trades. I have learned from experience this week, at least for me, that what I thought was only noise in between entry signals does serve a vital purpose in my trading performance.... it keeps me in rhythm.

This is especially true in the short-term trading that I do. I compare watching the chart with no pending signal to a soccer player watching the action even while the ball is on the other side of the field and doesn't look like they'll be needed over the next 2 minutes. It would be ridiculous to watch a soccer player pull out their phone to surf the web while the action is away from them. Similarly its ridiculous that I do all these little mini web surfing sessions while I'm trading.

I suppose the genesis of the mini web surfing sessions occurred because they used to help me stay relaxed while my money was on the line. But I no longer have an issue with staying relaxed and surfing the web in between trading signals is taking me out of sync with the market. It's costing me money in terms of missed trades because every time I finish surfing it takes me a minute or two to get back in rhythm.

Going forward I will only be watching the charts as I'm trading. My focus will wax n' wane depending on where the action is but my attention will always remain on the charts.

-16.5 pips = - $165.02


Another incredibly frustrating day. I could point out a few positive things but I gotta go to work.