+9 pips = + $46.96

August Total = + 8.59 pips


Patience was the name of the game for me today. Slow sideways price movement had me at a slight loss for the session before my patience was rewarded on a re-entry down to the 1.2700 level. Now its off to the day job until that time when my work day and my trading day coincide.

- 29 pips = - $146


I love churning my account in side ways fashion. I love not recognizing market rhythm. I love it all. =) Whatever. Better trading next week. If not, reducing size again. Looking for something to click in my brain.

+ 6 pips = + $33.00


BE, BE, Loss then Win. I know I likely would have grabbed some positive pips on that last swing upwards but I'm having to get ready for work earlier than usual for the majority of this week.



I wanted to trade every day this week but between my general level of tiredness & busy schedule I wasn't able to. Back to it tomorrow though fosho.

+ 11 pips = + $56


This doesn't happen everyday.... 3 trades inside of a 20 pip range in opposite directions with no mistakes (I'd take each trade again). First two stopped out at slightly more than BE & the third trade worked out right away.

Have a great weekend. WORD.

- 10 pips = - $50


Oh well. Clearly a day of near misses. Two of my trades barely stopped out before going the distance to profit targets. I didn't hold my last trade as long as I was planning to because I still have a day job & I have to leave for it but the last trade also went to target.

+ 3.4 pips = $17


It was fairly tough for me to find entries today even though there was plenty of movement. In the end I scratched out a win and stayed out of trouble by not forcing trades.

+ 10 pips = $50


Three losing trades in a row to start my day. Consolidation before all the news was released created unfavorable price pushes into my stop-losses. Good thing is I stayed focused (for the most part) and patient while waiting for what happened ---> A nice push out of consolidation wiping out my previous losses and booking 10 pips for the day. WORD.

+ .69 pips = $3.49


Was a fairly frustrating day but I at least (for the most part) kept my cool and turned a losing day into a break-even or barely positive day.

+ 4 pips = + $20.45


Lots of distractions today at my apartment while trading. I definitely didn't trade very well at all. I didn't take profit of 10 pips on one trade and other trades I didn't let run to target. I also increased my trade size to $5 per pip.

+ 9.5 pips = + $19.19


I took the first two days off this week to catch up on some sleep. Lots of opportunity left of on the table by me today.