+5 pips = +$5.00


Until the turn of the year I don't have a strong emphasis on trading everyday. I'm sure I'll trade a handful of times over the next couple weeks though.

- 30.21 pips = - $30.21


Maybe one day I'll figure out how to trade consistently profitably. Right now my best seem to be break-even & my worst is losing money as I reduce size make sure the loss is small.

+ 1 pip = + $4.78


On the last trade I closed it early in undisciplined fashion.

+ 3.49 pips = + $13.98


Today and this week have been full of distractions and lapses in focus. The domino effect has negatively affected my trading. By not getting to bed on time because of distractions I'm less able to perform optimally by the time I'm able to get up the next day. Next week this will improve.

+ 4.78 pips = + $19.78


First trade my target was 1.3125 and I got stopped out where the red dot is at.

Second trade my stop was directly above the yellow resistance line where I placed a thick red line for demonstration. The min/max chart shows my stop missed being hit by only .00003. The target was 1.3050. I didn't hold completely to my target but it came to within a pip or so of it so I'm comfortable with my decision to take profit at that point.