+ 3.3 pips = + $33.00


I didn't trade for very long today but I can see I didn't miss much for the first hour or so anyway.

+/- 0


I traded only for a short period of time today. I canceled my order right before it went in my favor. Oh well.

+ 6.5 pips = + $45.50


I missed a short entry at 6:45 on the chart because I was momentarily distracted with web-surfing.

+ 6.6 pips = + $19.80


Today I had luck in my favor. My system stopped working after I placed my order and by the time I was able to re-start the computer the trade was already triggered and in profit.

+ 5.3 pips = + $16.5


Missed a bunch of opportunity on the second trade. I exited for no really good reason.

+ 7 pips = + $21.00


Grinding away continually trying to avoid mistakes I've made in the past.

+.17 pips = + $89 cents


Just another break-even day. I had to stop trading early today to get to work earlier than normal.

- 7.19 pips = - $35.99


I kinda knew the last trade was a bad idea before I took it.

+ 3.34 pips = + $16.73


Some interesting discussion took place in the blogosphere over the past couple weeks.
Coiled Markets uploaded a 60 min video discussing the CM Roadmap & MBAGearhead followed it up with some back tests. I too have done some back testing as well of the CM Roadmap and it looks pretty good to me as well.