+ 9.1 pips = + $40.95

For the Month of May I'm + 56.3 pips

For the second month in a row implementing max loss days have really helped me. In addition to limiting my loss on any given day a max loss limit also helps me plan my money management. As I begin adding money to my account I can now more easily approximate my risk knowing a worst case scenario is I'll lose X amount of money if I have 5 or 10 max loss days in a row.

+ 12.9 pips = + $58.05


My first trade with an increase in size was a loser but the cool thing is that it didn't faze me anymore than any other loss does.

+ 5 pips = + $7.64


Just one trade to start and end my week. I consciously wanted to trade everyday this week however I think a subconscious override was initiated as it was an incredible struggle to pull myself out of bed in the morning when the alarm went off. I should be back to trading nearly everyday again next week. I think I needed a mini-break this week for whatever reason.



A little bit of laziness & a little bit of needing to take a break crept into my mind this week. I'll be back at it tomorrow and Friday.

+ 11 pips = + $5.65


I think I'll be increasing my trade size some time this month. We'll see...