+15.38 = + $76.90


I'm wrapping up the month of September + 54.55 pips.

My main area of improvement this month was being able to hold onto winning trades longer than I have in the past. Over the past week I've seen improvement in avoiding max-loss days & going into next month my main focus will be on the following.

  • Continuing to hold onto my winning trades as long as reasonably possible
  • Avoiding max-loss days
  • Reducing the # of marginal trades I take
The second and third points go hand in hand while the first point has probably been my biggest challenge as a trader.

Today I took two marginal trades and one good trade. The first and last trade are the marginal trades and the middle trade is the good one.

+ .4 pips = +$2.00


I'm much more confident in my trading as of late. Today was a day of near misses.... hesitation & lack of focus allowed two good trades to get away from me today. I'm left with only break-even trades for the session.

- 10.4 pips = - $52


Days like this are irritating. I couldn't get anything going. The positive is that I escaped having a max-loss day & instead have a it-doesn't-really-matter-loss day. Since I'm slowly but surely doing better at maximizing my winning days I'm better able to take annoying days like this in stride.

+ 11.59 pips = $57.99


Great movement in both directions today. Too bad I didn't find a trade that "made sense" until after the news releases. First trade BE, second trade winner. My stop on the winning trade is the red line on the chart and I moved my stop to BE as soon as I got 5-ish pips away from my entry.

+ 16.4 pips = + $82.00


Today was similar to my max loss day last week in that price refused to do anything but go up. I didn't fight the general direction today and eventually caught a good trade.

- 10.79 pips = - $53.98


Two ill advised trades in a slow moving market. Missing the one good trade I would've seen but was away from my screen at the time.

+ 19.59 pips = + $97.99


For the first 2 hours of trading I missed one good trade & felt so-so about a couple others.... then BAM caught a good trade and done for the day. Regarding today's trade I quickly moved my stop to BE. Then price came as close as possible to stopping me out before taking off in my favor. My BE was placed at 1.30504 and on Oanda's min/max chart price came up to 1.30503 before exploding downward to my target - "shrug". Of course I've been stopped out many times with price continuing on in my favor only after its stopped me out to the tick.

Have a great weekend ya'll, WORD.

+ 17.29 pips = + $86.48


Avoided mistakes and then caught a solid trade. Done for the day.

+ 13.9 pips = + $69.50


The first loss today really annoyed me because I wasn't looking forward to 3 losing days in a row. Granted I've made some correctable mistakes the past two days but 3 losing days in a row is never a good time. Anyway, I finally caught something and my stop held up. WORD

-22.8 pips = -$114.01


Max loss day. Incredibly frustrating. Really very tired of churning my account in sideways fashion.

- 11.9 pips = - $59.52


Bad trade followed by not moving my stop to BE on the second trade leading to two bad trades in a row and me having to call it a day early because I've gotta get ready for my day job slightly earlier than usual.

+ 16 pips = + $80.00


Solid day. 1 Trade and done for the week. Have a nice weekend people. For me because the NFL season is starting this weekend I'll be looking forward to Sunday mornings almost as much as I look forward to trading every day. WORD

- 7.7 pips = - $35.53


Second & Third trades were bad and avoidable trades. Fourth trade I didn't hold long enough.

+ 1.5 pips = + $7.98


Two BE's, a loss and a win to finish the day basically BE at +1.5 pips. Both of my break-even trades went all the way to targets and would have made for a solid day if I could have held off for a few more minutes before moving my stop to break-even.

+ 3.9 pips = + $19.50


Started out great with a 15 pips winner followed by two losers. The two losers were questionable.... slowly but surely weeding questionable trades out of my repertoire.

+ 11.89 pips = + $59.49


I'm going to give myself a mini "Congrats" for my efforts today. My day was pretty much going along as the day prior... looking as if I was gonna end the day with a slight draw. Then I managed to accomplish something I haven't done successfully for awhile.... I let a slow moving trade go to ALL THE WAY to target. It's easy to let a fast moving trade go to target but to allow a slow moving trade to go all-the-way to target has been a challenge for me. Today though I sat on my hands for over twenty minutes watching it crawl its way on the 30 second chart to the intended goal.