Dec 09' = +91 pips = +91 cents

Out of the 13 days I traded this month 11 were positive and 2 were negative. Plus 91 pips on the month. I'll slowly begin to increase my trade size next month.

+3 pips = +3 cents


3 Trades


+23 pips = +23 cents


2 Trades

2W - 0L

A minute or so after I put on my first trade I got a very strong sense that I was on the wrong side of the market. I knew if my first trade was a loss I would begin looking for short entries for the remainder of the morning. Luckily my first trade was able to get back to black. I then reversed course and caught the move down.

Total Crap


3 Trades

3W - 0L

+26 Pips

Today's positive results will not be counted in my monthly total. I wouldn't have traded this way if I was trading $10 or $5 per pip so it's pointless to trade this way at 1 cent per pip while I'm training myself.

First trade - didn't hold onto it as I must.

Second & Third trades - Moved my initial stop loss back on both of them to where the red line is at on the 5 minute chart. Going in the red double my eventual profit is a guaranteed disaster <-- I know this. I'm putting this day behind me and will be back to good trading on Monday.

+6 pips = +6 cents


1 Trade

1W - 0L

I didn't trade for very long today. My target on this trade was 1.4560 so I'm disappointed/annoyed that I allowed my fear impulse to cut my profits short on this trade.

-8 pips = -8 cents


2 Trades

0W - 2L

I was distracted all morning. I'm actually happy I'm only down 8 pips on a morning that lent itself to being much worse.

Back at it Tomorrow


Other priorities took precedence over trading this morning. Will be back at it tomorrow.