+ 8.39 pips = + $33.58


First trade stopped out at slightly more than BE & I didn't hold my second trade to the round number target.

Lost Money


I'm in a time crunch to get to work more than usual so I don't have time to see how much I lost or post charts. The amount is nothing major though. However what is major is how lost I feel I am as a trader. Don't know at this time how to fix it. I'll just keep reducing size to slow the drain from my account. 50 cents per pip here I come again! (F'in BS)

- 9.7 pips = - $38.80


Another annoying day. I can't honestly say I gave trading 100% today though I shouldn't have even taken the last trade.

+ 17 pips = + $17.29


It's unfortunate that currently the amount of pip's I earn in a day are inversely related to the size I have on a trade. Obvious psychological affect of larger trade size?

+ .2 pips = + 40 cents


My break-even trading is incredibly frustrating. Any consistent positive results that I could depend on would change my life. Break-even trading week after week after month after month.... frustrating. I've got to figure out whats keeping me from putting it all together.

+ 5 pips = $43.59


This is an embarrassing day. The first trade I trailed the 2nd half of my position too close. The remaining trades turned out to essentially be scalps. If I had stuck to my plan then my first trade would have made the day.

+ 15 pips = + $35.69


Just another day of proving to myself that success will be had in trading when I completely stop forcing trades and only trade when the market comes to me.

- $14.92


If I wasn't dealing with unexpected distractions in my apartment today then I very likely wouldn't have missed the obvious opportunity like I did. Annoyed. But I'll do better tomorrow w/ no distractions.

+ 2.5 pips = + $31.65


Variable Position Sizing is what I did today depending on how far my stop had to be place away from entry I adjusted my size. Min position size was at 25 cents per pip max size today was at $5 per pip. In general my max position size is $10 per pip and my min position size is 25 cents per pip.

Variable position sizing can create some weird stats. It's possible to be negative total pips with a positive bottom line. Today my 2.5 pips for plus $31.65 suggests I was trading $12.66 per pip.

If I exit 2 places from initial entry then I'll take the average pips earned for that trade as the pip count.

The dollar figure I earn or lose in a day is straight forward and is the only number that really matters.